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When every girl finally makes the decision to become an escort, one of the very first things she must put into consideration is whether she wants to work independently (aka “indie”) or begin with an agency. 

I have often been asked what’s my take on this. Personally, I feel like independent is the safest and most beneficial route to go; unless the said girl is completely clueless as to how to properly screen and maintain her safety.


  • This is when an escort works entirely on her own, with the exception of hiring a personal assistant and/or booker. This means…
  1. Obtaining own photographs
  2. Paying for own advertisements
  3. Setting up and managing own website
  4. Reading emails from clients
  5. Screening clients
  6. Arranging bookings


  • Just as most jobs entail being an employee for a company, as an escort working through an agency, you are their employee and they are your boss. You work the hours they provide you and take a percentage of your cut. 
  1. Agency covers expense of photographs
  2. Agency pays for advertisements
  3. Agency generally provides you a “page” or “profile” on their personal website
  4. Manages all of your bookings, which includes: reading emails, screening, and establishing dates.

For most, it seems as though an agency is a godsend. To me, that couldn’t be any further from the truth… Agencies are tricky. More often than not, pimps pose as agencies. Even if they are reputable, there can be instances where a screening isn’t thorough (or, sometimes no screening at all!), which can easily land you in the hands of a dangerous client, or even law enforcement. I’ve heard of agencies abusing their girls, manipulating them to avoid girls going indie (money loss on their ends), and abusing their power. 

All it takes is ONE girl to slip up to an undercover police officer and admit to prostitution, and that right there can immediately shut the entire agency down. As we’ve all witness with Aphrodite Companions (see here: even the most reputable agencies can be shut down. It is rumored that it was one of the agency’s former workers that tipped off law enforcement after having been robbed by owners Melissa and Vincent Lombardo. 

Even Aphrodite Companions fooled me. They had a reputable website, an active Twitter account, were well-reviewed over the years, and promised their girls good money. So keep in mind that if even an agency as high up was capable of being busted, then any agency is at risk.

To top it off, keep in mind that escorting agencies are allowed to take as much as up to 40% of your earnings. That means, if your hourly rate is $300, more than likely you will end up with only $180 after they’ve taken their cut. 

All of the above (minus the pay cut) can easily regard to independent work, as well. The only difference is that it is more in your control than it is when with an agency. 

**This is bound to be edited more as I later come up with more ideas. Consider this a work in progress…

I’m also later going to branch into another post on agencies and interviews with them. 

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